Nothing Left to Say

by Fractal

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released January 1, 2010

Isaque Mendes (lead vocals)
Tiago Simão (guitars, keyboards and backing vocals)
Jorge Henriques (bass)
David Henriques (lead guitars)
Pedro Jesus (drums)

Music: Tiago Simão and David Henriques
Lyrics: Isaque Mendes and Tiago Simão
Recorded at Soul Harvest Studios
Produced by Tiago Simão



all rights reserved


Fractal Leiria District, Portugal

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Track Name: As One (the hourglass)
Don't wait for tomorrow
It might not be there for you
No such thing as sorrow
Regret won't lead you through

Let those tears run over your face
Yesterday's something to embrace
Only that cold crystal shine
Will light the way for you

Don't force your way in
While you're holding the key
Where are you dwelling?
Your place is here with me

Patient and Silent
I will be waiting for you
I can't bare your absence
Solitude hurts me too

Look up and lift you hand to me
We'll redefine duality
You can rely on me
I'm still a part of you
Track Name: Dim (the change)
Broken fallen in the haze
Years are lost all spent in vain
Slit theese wrists to feel the pain
Aren’t we all part of this game

Hope we haven’t slept to long
Slummber through praying were wrong
Memories kept in dessipate
How much longer must we wait

Theres no way to make a/it change
This only locks us in the/a cage

Cant hold the rage in any longer
This fight will only make us stronger
Revoque our hate retake the order
Take no more suffer no longer

We fear what we dont understand
Waiting for the helping hand
There's no savior up above
No one to care no one to love
Track Name: Realize (the intervention)
The fight it goes i’m in your head
You can’t deny the hate you’ve had
Solution’s in the poison smoke
You take it in the problems choke

But the effect don’t last for long
The edge for it just grows so strong
You take it more to kill the pain
Your mind it goes so insane

The dreams you have were left behind
The things you want (b)locked in your mind
Haunting your days leaving you blind
Open your eyes and realize

Cut up in circles all the same
Search for a way out of this game
You tried to turn another page
You shut the book and ran in rage

The dreams you have were left behind
The things you want (b)locked in your mind
Haunting your days leaving you blind
Open your eyes and realize
Leave all your dreams leave hate behind
Hold back the chill and free your mind
Cause time ain’t yours you can’t go back
Don’t look away don’t fade to black
Track Name: Been There (the epiphany)
Taken to a time where life is ending
Searching for the light to guide you back

Things are never what they seem to be
As the tears bring you down to your knees
Pulling your heart out from the inside
As/So you bring yourself to.....

Dream that your alone
No place to call home
Walk your on your own
I have been there

Feel you have no soul
Exist to be unknown
Walk your on your own
I have been there

Living in your childhood memories
Refuse to face lifes obsenities
(Being hidden from the world so long
To now deny the dreams you torn apart)
Track Name: Eventually (the distance)
In the corner stand(s) alone
No enlightenment to be shown
Closing walls of emptyness
Taking in the growing stress

Looking for a better place
To escape all this disgrace
Leaving all the past behind
Hoping that a better time
He'll come to see

Your faith/fate is not written in history books
If you keep your head down you won't find the truth

When will you see?
It's not too late
All can be yours
If you fasten your pace

Else you can believe
That eventually
Time will consume
You and your apathy
Track Name: Nostalgia (the dance)
Speak to me in silence
Seal your lips but convince me to stay
Cast those words away

Throw me off my balance
Let me fall but never let me sway
Throw these words away

As the leaves dance in the wind
I blindly followed your steps
Soared upon the joy you bring
And in the yearning I kept

Leaves don't get past autumn
So I fell and withered with them
No gust was to blame

In a winter made of silence
A frozen heart would so easily break
It would be no one's mistake

The leaves have withered away
The wind will show you the way
Deception will always await
Carry forever this fait

Truth in the stories you told
Felt like the winter so cold
I cannot always depend
On the springs that mend